Raleigh Durham Terminals

Raleigh - Durham Airport (RDU) consists of a couple of passenger terminals, named Terminal 1 and Terminal 2


While Terminal 1 is just served by Southwest Airlines (domestic), Terminal 2 is served by more than one airiline and hosts international outbound and inbound flights.



Transportation between terminals

The terminals are not connected.


Passengers moving between the terminals may ride a shuttle bus or take the moving walkway through the covered parking decks between the terminals.


See below the shuttle bus options:

- The Orange Bus: From Terminal 2 to Terminal 1.

- The Purple Bus: From Terminal 1 to Terminal 2.




See below related information about the terminals at RDU:



Terminal 1

Raleigh Durham Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal and only served by Southwest Airlines.

It is home of boarding gates A1-A9 (Concourse A).


The terminal consists of a couple of levels.


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Terminal 2

Raleigh Durham Terminal 2 is the international terminal and home of concourses C (gates C1-C25) and D (gates D1 - D20).


It has a wider offer regarding services and amenities and hosts a couple of airline clubs.


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