Raleigh–Durham Airport Guide to Raleigh–Durham International Airport (RDU)

Raleigh–Durham Airport Parking

Raleigh–Durham Airport has different parking options: 

Premier Parking

It is located on the first level of the main parking building with covered parking spaces. Just a short walk from the terminals.


- Hourly: $3 

- Maximum per day: $22

Central Parking

A covered and outdoor space. Just within a short walk to terminals. 


- Hourly: $2 

- Maximum per day: $15


A parking located a little far from the terminals. Shuttles are available every 5 minutes. 


- Hourly: $2

- Daily: $12

Economy Parking

It is the cheapest option to park at Raleigh–Durham Airport.

There are two Economy Lots (P3 and P4) located just a few minutes from the terminals and there is a shuttle bus that runs between the parking and the terminals.

It has about 9,000 covered parking spaces.



- Hourly: $1

- Daily: $8



- Hourly: $1

- Daily: $7

Cell Phone Lot

It is the designed parking to pick up and drop off passengers.

Location:Arrival area of each terminal.

Please, before go there, confirm that the passengers that do you have to pick up have arrived.

*Prices are subject to change.

To get more information, please, call the following number: +1 (919) 840-2140

Service hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.